5 Tips That Will Help You Look Like You've Been Styled By A Professional

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If you work in a business where you need a nice polished look, getting the 'right' mix of practical, smart, and stylish can sometimes seem difficult, time consuming or expensive to achieve. Whether you work in an office, attend or speak at business seminars, or do Facebook lives from home, feeling confident about how you look can either make or break your day - for me anyway! However, when you don't have the spare funds to buy the whole kabosh as you see it on the glossy magazine pages, or simply don't have the time to curl your hair perfectly on a morning as you have 3 tiny humans to get ready as well as yourself, it can be disheartening. Here are a few of my easy and quick tips that can just help you look 'put together' without it costing you a fortune.

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Blouse (£8), skirt (£6) and shoes (£6)  all available from super-cool-gifts

Tip 1 - Think classy not low cut.

Now, I'm not prissy or a prude by any means, but if your skirt is riding up and you're having to constantly pull it down to stop showing your underwear, or your top gapes as you lean forward at your desk, it's going to make you self concious and acutely aware of where and what people are looking at at all times. I like to keep my hem lines knees length or lower, and I always wear a vest top under loose tops or make sure my neck line is higher than my cleavage line. That doesn't mean you can't look feminine or even a tad sexy in your outfits, but it does mean you can move about, bend down to go in the bottom file drawer, reach up to the top shelf etc without worrying about what your clothes are exposing to your colleagues or customers.

Tip 2 - Accessorise but don't over-accessorise

Less is more when it comes to accessories. A simple watch, and 1 other detail item - either earrings or a necklace is enough to lift an outfit without it looking too over the top. I like a longer length feature necklace if i'm wearing a roll neck top to break up the colour across the chest, but if a neckline is fussier or v-neck, I tend to stick to earrings. There's no need spend a fortune on quality expensive jewellry. Save that for date nights and weddings. Buy cheap costume jewellry - it has the same effect, but if you lose your earring on the train you won't mind half as much, and you can freshen up your look easily and cheaply by updating your jewellry if you start to get bored.

Tip 3 - Keep nail varnish neutral

Unless you are one of those very lucky people who has the time and funds to be treated to getting their nails done in a salon, spend 10 minutes removing your old nail varnish and putting new on yourself each Sunday. Keep to a neutral colour. It may not be as exciting but it still looks pretty, healthy and feminine WITHOUT all the work of a dark or bright colour. Coloured nail varnish looks lovely - for all of 2 hours. Then it chips and looks really obvious, meaning you feel the need to take it off and reapply it each day. Plus, if you have a nice deep red which goes great with your black outfit on monday, you can guarentee it then clashes terribly with your peach and navy outfit on Tuesday.

Tip 4 - Co-ordinate your wardrobe

I don't know about in your house, but i'm guessing if it's anything like mine, mornings are massively hectic! Finding the 1 beige top that matches with your beautiful tweed trousers, when you thought it was on the ironing pile but it isn't there,  whilst fighting a toddler into their clothes and packing another child's lunch, is 1 hassle you can be really be doing without. If every top and bottom co-ordinates with at least 3 others, you are onto a winner. For example, the flamingo blouse pictured works well with a navy skirt, pink skirt, light beige or grey tapered trousers, or even under a black pinafore dress.Having multiple options means you will always have SOMETHING that goes together in seconds. 

ladies workwear office outfit blouse flamingo skirt pink

Blouse (£8), skirt (£6) and shoes (£8) all available from super-cool-gifts

Tip 5 - Hallelujah! Fake hair

Hair. It can make or break your whole look. But who seriously has time for straightening, or curling, or pinning, or braiding on a morning. I've all on having time to run a brush through it. But I have a secret weapon - fake hair. You can buy a clip on pony tail which is poker straight and shiny or bouncy with perfect curls for less than a tenner these days. Then it's so simple - slick your hair back into a half pony tail and clip your fantastic new hair on. Less than a minute and you look like you've visited a salon on your way to work. Just make sure the colour matches lol.



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