Lazy Weekends - What do you wear?

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I don't know about you but if your life is as busy as mine, eventually you just get to a weekend and your body gives up. You HAVE to do nothing. Literally nothing but recharge your batteries. I spend all week running around after my 4 children, not to mention the full time job with the business AND my very active social life with dancing for the Ruby Reds and singing with the Withernsea Pirates. I LOVE everything i do, I am truly blessed with it all, but even I need a break once in a while.

And that's exactly what i did last weekend. After a Friday night of a full on dance show, Saturday I was just exhausted and I slouched around all day, doing nothing much! By Sunday, i felt soooo much better - refreshed and with the enthusiasm to get back to my hectic life!

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When you are having a rest day, I think you need an outfit that is super comfy, cosy and without restriction. I can't be doing with tight waistbands, or bra straps digging in. Yet when the chances are (with any luck!) you won't see anyone all day either, you certainly don't want to be spending a fortune on clothes no one else will see. However, it's still nice to have something nice to wear. Feeling shabby in clothes which are old, mis-shapen or marked doesn't do much for your self esteem or refreshing your mind. Every time you catch your reflection in the mirror, It can just leave you feeling worse. Or if you are like me, I panic then if the doorbell DOES go because I don't even want the postie to see me looking a mess!

At super-cool-gifts, thankfully we can provide you with a whole casual wear outfit for less than a tenner that actually looks pretty sweet too!

These joggers are just £4 a pair and come in sizes 10-18, and the longer length t-shirts are just £5 and come in sizes 6-16.

So go on - enjoy your rest day, have a second cuppa with a chocolate biscuit and chill out (even if the doorbell goes unexpectedly) - you deserve it!



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