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Ever been stuck for a gift idea? For a child's birthday or baby shower? I know I have! When I haven't wanted to buy yet another piece of plastic tat (i mean toy) or a weeks worth of calories in a single serving (because lets face it, non of our kids are as active as they used to be), i often fall to purchasing an outfit for the birthday child. Except one little dress or pair of pjs at around £20 doesn't look very much does it.

girls clothing gift box at discounted price available at super-cool-gifts

So I have created the Super-cool-gift boxes! Featuring a range of clothing specified to the size and upcoming season and a little extra treat for the birthday child, you get a lot for your money! At just £20 a box, you are definitely left feeling satisfied that you have got value for money.

baby boys gift box featuring a whole range of baby clothing for a fantastic £20

The gift box is pre-wrapped and all the items inside are individually wrapped in tissue paper so all the hard work is already done. You can literally purchase the gift box and hand it right over to the birthday child. Win/win when time is short!

A few pre-prepared boxes are already listed on the website here but boxes can be made up for pretty much any age so let us know by sending a message if you would like something in particular creating. And let us solve that next birthday/new baby headache!


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